Welcome to ECH Physiotherapy

ECH Physiotherapy is dedicated to the provision of chartered physiotherapy for the needs of both horses, dogs and riders in the north west of England. This mobile service allows advanced veterinary physiotherapy assessments and treatments to be provide at a time to suit you, following a referral from a Veterinarian. As a chartered physiotherapists specialising in veterinary physiotherapy practice, I utilise clinically reasoned and evidence based approaches to enhance the movement and comfort of the horse or dog while also offering musculoskeletal physiotherapy for riders.

Physiotherapy is an established health care profession in the UK, with formal routes requiring degree level qualification. The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is the regulatory body that governs all formal health care practice in the UK. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy regulates physiotherapy in the UK. Membership of both regulatory bodies means that we are qualified, insured and required to provide evidence of continuous professional development.

Equine Physiotherapy

Canine Physiotherapy

Human Physiotherapy

Indications of physiotherapy

Horses, dogs and humans of all disciplines and abilities can benefit from physiotherapy, it is not just for elite competition horses or dogs. Physiotherapy can have a positive effect on any horse or dog including those for used as a companion, hacking right through to eventing, show jumping and dressage horses or competition, obedience and working dogs. 


Treatment Types

Reciprocal inhibition
Trigger point release
Myofascial release
Joint mobilisation
Neuro muscular electro stimulation (NMES)
Transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation
Exercise prescription