Rehab Case Study

Ollie Longmore

As a rugby player in the front row, injuries are inevitable. 2 years ago during a game for Sale FC I felt a sudden pain in my calf. This pain was like no other injury I had previously had. I was unable to weight bare and resulted in me being taken off the pitch. 

On returning home I was in agony, unable to see any difference after using Ice as my treatment, the calf was very swollen. I called Emma (ECH Physiotherapy) for advice. After talking through my symptoms Emma was proactive in her approach and immediately came over that evening to assess me. Her assessment was very thorough, and ultimately resulted in her suggesting I went to A and E as all the signs showed I had ruptured my achillies. Her diagnosis was correct and I am grateful she was able to assess me so quickly before any long term damage occurred.


Following surgery, I returned to Emma for weekly for treatment sessions, she compiled a detailed rehab programme for each stage of my recovery. This was essential if I was going to get back playing rugby again anytime soon. The advice was brilliant as it provided me with the education I needed to help me rehab correctly. Her knowledge, professionalism and treatments are second to none. I could not recommend her enough.