The benefits of rehabilitation on postural stability

The benefits of rehabilitation on postural stability ECH Pysiotherapy

Do you know how much a change of routine, work load or time spent in the stable can affect your horses postural stability?

  • Postural stability is essential in maintaining balance and protecting the spinal column
  • A recent study presented by a team from Colorado State University found that disuse of the thoracolumbar multifidus muscle resulted in decreased postural stability.
  • The multifidi run adjacent to the vertebrae along the full length of the spinal column.
  • Box rest, field rest, pain and reduction in workload can result in  decreased strength.
  • With competition season being on hold for most of 2020,  how much less work was your horse in? Could a change in work load have resulted in a decrease in the strength of your horses back?

This article demonstrates the importance of following an individualised, dynamic mobilisation and core strengthening programme to increase the cross-sectional area of multifidus, therefore improving postural stability.

Rehab Exercises Can Improve Horses’ Postural Stability – The Horse


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